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9. Using Menu Functions
The following settings are reset to the default:
– Recording settings
– Setup settings ([Wi-Fi Setup] and [Bluetooth] settings)
– Custom settings ([Face Recog.] and [Profile Setup] settings)
– Setup/custom settings (except for [Wi-Fi Setup], [Bluetooth], [Face Recog.] and [Profile
• When the setup/custom settings are reset, the following settings are also reset.
– The [World Time] setting
– The settings of [Travel Date] (departure date, return date, location)
– The settings of [Rotate Disp.], [Picture Sort] and [Delete Confirmation] in the [Playback]
• The folder number and the clock setting are not changed.
[Reset Network Settings]
The following network settings are reset to the default:
– [Wi-Fi Setup] (Excluding [LUMIX CLUB])
– Registered device information in [Bluetooth] and values in [Wi-Fi network settings]
• Always reset the camera when disposing or selling it to prevent personal information saved
within the camera from being misused.
• Always reset the camera after making a copy of personal information when sending the
camera in to be repaired.
[Pixel Refresh]
It will perform optimisation of imaging device and image processing.
• Imaging device and image processing is optimised when the camera is purchased. Use this
function when bright spots that do not exist in the subject get recorded.
• Turn the camera off and on after the pixels are corrected.

[Sensor Cleaning]

Dust reduction to blow off the debris and dust that have affixed to the front of the imaging
device is performed.
• Dust Reduction Function will operate automatically when the camera is turned on, but you can
use this function when you see dust.


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