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12. Others
The PC is not recognised when I use a Wi-Fi connection. The camera cannot be
connected to PC via Wi-Fi connection.
• The default workgroup name is set to "WORKGROUP". If you changed the workgroup name,
the PC will not be recognised.
In [PC Connection] of the [Wi-Fi Setup] menu, change the workgroup name to that of the PC
you are connecting to.
• Please confirm login name and password are correctly typed.
• When the system time of Mac computer or Windows PC connected to a camera differs severely
from that of the camera, the camera cannot be connected to the computer or PC in some OSs.
> Please confirm [Clock Set] and [World Time] of the camera matches with time, date and
time zone in Windows PC or Mac computer. When both settings do not match severely,
please match them.
Images cannot be transmitted to the web service.
• Confirm that the login information (login ID/user name/email address/password) is correct.
It takes time to transmit an image to the web service.
Transmission of the image fails midway. Some images cannot be transmitted.
• Is the size of the image too large?
> Reduce the image size at [Size] (P272), and then send.
> Transmit after dividing the motion picture with [Video Divide] (P247).
• It may take longer time to transmit when distance to the wireless access point is far.
> Transmit closer to the wireless access point.
• File format of the motion picture that can be sent differs depending on the destination.
I have forgotten the password for the Wi-Fi.
• Execute the [Reset Network Settings] in the [Setup] menu.
However, all the information you have set on the [Wi-Fi Setup] menu and [Bluetooth] menu will
be reset. (excluding [LUMIX CLUB])


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