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Prerecorded Tones File - AudioCodes Mediant 1000B User Manual

Analog & digital voip media gateway enterprise session border controller gateway & e-sbc
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User's Manual
Ring Type=0
Freq [Hz]=20
First Ring On Time [10msec]=200
First Ring Off Time [10msec]=400
#GR-506-CORE Ringing Pattern 1
[Ringing Pattern #1]
Ring Type=1
Freq [Hz]=20
First Ring On Time [10msec]=200
First Ring Off Time [10msec]=400
#GR-506-CORE Ringing Pattern 2
[Ringing Pattern #2]
Ring Type=2
Freq [Hz]=20
First Ring On Time [10msec]=80
First Ring Off Time [10msec]=40
Second Ring On Time [10msec]=80
Second Ring Off Time [10msec]=400

36.1.2 Prerecorded Tones File

The CPT file mechanism has several limitations such as a limited number of predefined
tones and a limited number of frequency integrations in one tone. To overcome these
limitations and provide tone generation capability that is more flexible, the Prerecorded
Tones (PRT) file can be used. If a specific prerecorded tone exists in the PRT file, it takes
precedence over the same tone that exists in the CPT file and is played instead of it.
The PRT file is used only for generation of tones; detection of tones is performed
according to the CPT file.
Playing tones from the PRT file does not require DSP resources. For local
generation of tones, the device does require DSP resources.
For SBC calls, the PRT file supports only calls that use the G.711 coder.
For SBC calls, the PRT file supports only the ringback tone and hold tone.
The PRT is a .dat file containing a set of prerecorded tones that can be played by the
device. Up to 40 tones (totaling approximately 10 minutes) can be stored in a single PRT
file on the device's flash memory. The prerecorded tones are prepared offline using third-
party recording utilities and combined into a single file, using AudioCodes DConvert utility
(refer to the document, DConvert Utility User's Guide for more information).
The raw data files must be recorded with the following characteristics:
Coders: G.711 A-law or G.711 µ-law
Rate: 8 kHz
Resolution: 8-bit
Channels: mono
The prerecorded tones are played repeatedly. This allows you to record only part of the
tone and then play the tone for the full duration. For example, if a tone has a cadence of 2
seconds on and 4 seconds off, the recorded file should contain only these 6 seconds. The
device repeatedly plays this cadence for the configured duration. Similarly, a continuous
tone can be played by repeating only part of it.
Once created, the PRT file must then be loaded to the device, using the Web interface (see
''Loading Auxiliary Files'' on page 575).
Version 6.8
Mediant 1000B Gateway & SBC
36. Software Upgrade


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