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Service Node Configuration Example 2 - HP FlexNetwork MSR Series Configuration Manual

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Verify configurations:
If the subscriber dials the number 300 at Telephone A, Telephone B will ring. The subscriber at
Telephone A will not hear the voice prompts of the audio file welcome.wav.

Service node configuration example 2

Network requirements
As shown in
Router B.
After the subscriber originates a call through a SIP server by dialing 300 (the IVR access
number of Router B) from Telephone A, Router B plays an audio file and then terminates the
If the subscriber dials a wrong number at Telephone A, Router B plays the audio file
If the timeout value expires before the subscriber dials, Router B plays the audio file
Figure 97 Network diagram
Configuration procedure
Configure Router A:
# Configure POTS voice entity 100.
<RouterA> system-view
[RouterA] voice-setup
[RouterA-voice] dial-program
[RouterA-voice-dial] entity 100 pots
[RouterA-voice-dial-entity100] match-template 100
[RouterA-voice-dial-entity100] line 1/0
[RouterA-voice-dial-entity100] quit
# Configure VoIP voice entity 300 to Router B.
[RouterA-voice-dial] entity 300 voip
[RouterA-voice-dial-entity300] match-template 300
[RouterA-voice-dial-entity300] address sip ip
[RouterA-voice-dial-entity300] outband sip
Configure Router B:
# Configure POTS voice entity 500.
<RouterB> system-view
[RouterB] voice-setup
[RouterB-voice] dial-program
[RouterB-voice-dial] entity 500 pots
[RouterB-voice-dial-entity500] match-template 500
[RouterB-voice-dial-entity500] line 1/0
[RouterB-voice-dial-entity500] quit
97, configure the IVR access number and customize Service node functions on


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