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Periodic Maintenance - Bosch Acu Tank AT 200 Instructions For Use And Maintenance Manual

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Combined buffers for central heating and domestic hot water production | 105
risk of contact corrosion that can occurs
on the connection fittings!
• During use (water heating mode), the
dripping of water from the safety return-
valve's drainage opening is normal. The
same must be left open to the atmos-
• In order to secure the water heater's safe
operation, the safety return-valve must
undergo regular cleaning and inspec-
tions for normal functioning /the valve
must not be obstructed/, and for the re-
gions with highly calcareous water it must
be cleaned from the accumulated lime
scale. This service is not provided under
warranty maintenance.
• If the probability exists for the premise's
temperature to fall below 0°C, the water
heater must be drained via raising the
safety return-valve's lever. If upon turning
the valve's knob when the water tank is
full, water do not start running from the
valve's drainage opening, this is a signal
of malfunction and the appliance's use
must be discontinued.
• This appliance is not intended for use by
persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
or lack of experience and knowledge, un-
less they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of the ap-
pliance by a person responsible for their
• Children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appliance.
• It is necessary to maintenance the water
heater regarding the described rules, to
change duly the anode protector and to
clean the limestone also after the war-
ranty period.
• It is necessary to keep the rules for pre-
ventive maintenance, replacement of
magnesium anode protector and clean-
ing even after guarantee period.
IMPORTANT! Usage of this device
at temperature and pressure level
above prescribed leads to waranty
• Inner tank is intended for heating
of potable water in liquid state.
Using different fluids in different
states leads to warranty violation!
• Heat exchangers and outer tank
are intended for use with water
and mixture of water and
Propylene (Ethylene) Glycol at
liquid state. Presence of
anticorrosion additives is
obligatory! Using different fluids in
different states leads to warranty
VII. Periodic maintenance
Under normal use of the heater, under the
influence of high temperature, lime scale /
the so-called lime scale layer/ is deposited
upon the heating element's surface. This
worsens the heat exchange between the
heating element and water. Due to these
facts, the manufacturer recommends pre-
ventive maintenance of your water heater
every two years by an authorized service
center or service base. This protective main-
tenance must include cleaning and inspec-
tion of the anode protector (for water heat-
ers with glass-ceramic coating), which shall
be replace with a new one if need arises.
Each preventive maintenance of the said
type must be entered in the appliance's war-
ranty card and must outline date of perform-
ing the preventive maintenance, company
performing the preventive maintenance,
name of person performing the preventive
maintenance, and signature.
Non-fulfillment of the above requirement
may terminate the free of charge mainte-
nance of your boiler.


Table of Contents

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