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Mounting And Connection - Bosch Acu Tank AT 200 Instructions For Use And Maintenance Manual

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Table of Contents
10 | Low capacity buffers
V. Mounting and connection
ATTENTION! Qualified technicians
must perform all technical and elec-
trical assembly works.
1. Installation
Buffers are delivered on an individual trans-
port pallet for easier transport. If high capac-
ity water heaters are used in premises with
low humidity and a flat floor, you can leave
the pallet as it is mounted on the appliance.
- Otherwise – please follow the steps be-
low (fig. 4):
- Put the water heater in a horizontal posi-
tion but before that, place a rug under-
neath it to prevent any damage. Unscrew
the three bolts that hold the pallet on the
Mount the adjustable feet directly on the ap-
pliance* - Put the high capacity water heater
Slika 4
2. Mounting the "soft" pu insulation.
This should be done at room temperature
above 18°C. The insulation should be stored
at the above temperature for at least one
hour before operating!
After mounting according Fig. 8, ensure that
(HCWH) in a vertical position and adjust the
level using the feet.
- If the adjustment feet are delivered as
separate parts, you can assemble them
as follows (fig. 5):
- Put part 1 on bolt 2, which is unscrewed
from the pallet
- Put on washer 3, which is removed from
the pallet
- Screw on the nuts 4
ATTENTION! In order to prevent in-
jury to the user and/or third persons
in the event of faults in the system
for providing hot water, the appli-
ance must be mounted in premises
outfitted with floor hydro insulation
(or) plumbing drainage.
the zipper is well closed and put the deco-
rative rubber rings on the inlet and outlets!
Place the plastic upper lid on the appliance.
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Table of Contents

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