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Bosch Acu Tank AT 200 Instructions For Use And Maintenance Manual page 102

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102 | Combined buffers for central heating and domestic hot water production
5. Connection to the main water
supply network
Important! Connecting the storage
tank to mains should be fulfilled in
compliance with a project created
by a hvac designer! A Presence
ditional components is required for
warranty recognition! Only qualified
technicians must install this device!
Compliance with the following standards
and directives is mandatory:
a) Local legislation.
b) EN 806 – Specifications for installations
inside buildings conveying water for hu-
man consumption.
c) EN 1717 – Protection against pollution of
potable water in water installations and
general requirements of devices to pre-
vent pollution by backflow
d) EN 12975 – Thermal solar systems and
components - Solar collectors.
e) EN 12897 – Water supply – specification
for indirectly heated unvented (closed)
storage water heaters
Compliance with the following standards
and regulations is recommended too:
• DIN 4753 1-3-6-8 – Water heaters, wa-
ter heating installations and storage
water heaters for drinking water
• DIN 1988 – Codes of practice for drinking
water installations
• DIN 4708 – Central heat-water-installa-
- Technical rule W 551 – Drinking wa-
ter heating and drinking water piping
systems - Technical measures to re-
duce Legionella growth - Design, con-
struction, operation and rehabilitation
of drinking water installations
- Technical rule W 553 – Dimensioning
of circulation-systems in central drink-
ing water heating systems
Installation of the storage tank with one heat
exchanger should be done in accordance
with fig.7.
Obligatory elements of installations are:
1 Inlet pipe;
2 Main water tap
3 Pressure regulator. When pressure in
the mains is over 6 bars it is required. In
this case, the set pressure is according
to the calculations of the designer, but
should be not higher than 0.5 MPa! When
pressure in the mains is under 6 bar, its
presence is strongly recommended. In all
cases the presence of a pressure regu-
lator set at 0.4 MPa is important for the
proper functioning of your device!
4 Non-return valve. Its type should be de-
fined by HVAC designer according to the
local and European lows, standards and
technical norms.
5 Safety valve. Use only safety valves in-
side supplied kit. For schemes different
than fig.7, safety valve must be defined
by HVAC designer and have to be in ac-
cordance with the local and European
lows, standards and technical norms.
(Pnr = 0.8 МРа; EN 1489:2000). Valve
dimensions acc. to table.9
IMPORTANT: Between the storage
tank and safety valve there must
not be any kind of stop valves or


Table of Contents

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