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Inspection/Maintenance; User Information; Cleaning; Safety Valve Verification - Bosch Tronic 1000T ES 30 User And Installation Manual

Electrical storage water tank tronic 1000t series; tronic 2000t
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Maintenance must only be carried out by an
authorized technician.

User information

8.1.1 Cleaning

▶ Never use abrasive, corrosive or solvent cleaning
▶ Use a soft cloth to clean the exterior of the appliance.

8.1.2 Safety valve verification

▶ Verify that the water is expelled during the heating process
through the safety purge valve.
▶ Never obstruct the safety purge valve outlet.

8.1.3 Safety valve

▶ Manually open the safety valve at least once a month (Fig.
Ensure the purging of the water does not
cause any damage to persons or goods.

8.1.4 Maintenance and repair

▶ It is the responsibility of the client to regularly call out
technical assistance or an authorized technician to perform
periodic maintenance.

Periodic maintenance work

Before carrying out any maintenance work:
▶ Turn off all electric current.
▶ Turn off the water cut off valve
(Fig. 10).
▶ Only make use of genuine replacement parts.
▶ Order the replacement parts in accordance with the parts
catalogue for the appliance.
▶ When carrying out maintenance work change the
disassembled joints and replace these with new ones.

8.2.1 Functionality verification

▶ Verify the good working order of all the elements.
Tronic 1000T / 2000T
CAUTION: Damages to the glass enamel!
Never clean the enamel interior of the
appliance with decalcifying agents. The
magnesium anode ensures anti corrosion
protection. There is no need for alternative
products for the protection of the enamel.

8.2.2 Magnesium Anode

This appliance disposes of an anti-corrosion
magnesium anode in the inside.
It is forbidden to operate the appliance
without an installed magnesium anode.
The magnesium anode needs to be annually
tested and replaced if necessary, failing to
do so will result in the termination of the
warranty. The appliance without this type of
protection will not be covered by the
manufactures warranty.
▶ Switch off the circuit breaker feeding the appliance.
▶ Before starting, verify that the appliance is disconnected
from the electric current.
▶ Completely drain the appliance (section 6.3).
▶ Remove the lid of the appliance, by unscrewing the fixing
▶ Disconnect the connecting cables to the thermostat.
▶ Remove the flange fastening screws [1].
▶ Remove the flange [2].
▶ Verify the magnesium anode and replace it if necessary [3].
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