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Environment / Disposal; Inspection/Maintenance; User Information; Cleaning - Bosch TR2000T Series User And Installation Manual

Electrical storage water tank
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Environment / disposal

Environmental protection is a fundamental corporate strategy
of the Bosch Group.
The quality of our products, their efficiency and environmental
safety are all of equal importance to us and all environmental
protection legislation and regulations are strictly observed.
We use the best possible technology and materials for
protecting the environment taking into account of economic
We participate in the recycling programmes of the countries in
which our products are sold to ensure optimum recycling.
All of our packaging materials are environmentally friendly and
can be recycled.
Old electrical and electronic appliances
Electrical or electronic devices that are no
longer serviceable must be collected
separately and sent for environmentally
compatible recycling (in accordance with the
European Waste Electrical and Electronic
Equipment Directive).
To dispose of old electrical or electronic
devices, you should use the return and
collection systems put in place in the country


Maintenance must only be carried out by an
authorized technician.

User information

8.1.1 Cleaning

▶ Never use abrasive, corrosive or solvent cleaning
▶ Use a soft cloth to clean the exterior of the appliance.

8.1.2 Safety valve verification

▶ Verify that the water is expelled during the heating process
through the safety purge valve.
▶ Never obstruct the safety purge valve outlet.

8.1.3 Safety valve

▶ Manually open the safety valve at least once a month (Fig.
TR2000T – 6 720 885 113 (2018/04)
Ensure the purging of the water does not
cause any damage to persons or goods.

8.1.4 Maintenance and repair

▶ It is the responsibility of the client to regularly call out
technical assistance or an authorized technician to perform
periodic maintenance.

Periodic maintenance work

Before carrying out any maintenance work:
▶ Turn off all electric current.
▶ Turn off the water cut off valve
(Fig. 9).
▶ Only make use of genuine replacement parts.
▶ Order the replacement parts in accordance with the parts
catalogue for the appliance.
▶ When carrying out maintenance work change the
disassembled joints and replace these with new ones.
Environment / disposal



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