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Maintenance (Only By Qualified Technicians); Periodic Maintenance Works; Combustion Gas Control Device - Bosch THERM 1000 O Installation And Use Manual

Gas tankless water heater
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16 | Maintenance (only by qualified technicians)

Maintenance (only by qualified
To guarantee that the gas consumption and the gas emission
are maintained at the adequate values, we recommend the
inspection of the appliance annually and, if necessary,
maintenance works should be carried out.
DANGER: Explosion!
▶ Always close the gas shut-off valve before
proceeding with maintenance works in
parts that contain gas.
CAUTION: Water leakages can damage the
▶ Always drain the system before proceeding
with works in the hydraulic part.
Maintenance instructions
▶ Only use original spare parts.
▶ Order the spare parts in accordance with the appliance's
spare parts catalog.
▶ Only the following lubricating greases may be used:
– In the hydraulic part: Unisilikon L 641 (8 709 918 413)
– Threaded connections: HFt 1 v 5 (8 709 918 010).
▶ Replace the joints and O-rings removed with new ones.
Start-up after completion of maintenance works
DANGER: Burns!
Water temperature increase.
▶ Check the setting of the gas regulator after
the appliance's maintenance works.
▶ Re-tighten all the connections.
▶ Operating the appliance again ( chapter 3).
▶ Check that there are no leaks.

7.1 Periodic maintenance works

Functional check
▶ Check the proper operation of all the safety, regulation and
verification elements.
Combustion chamber
▶ Determine the degree of cleanliness of the combustion
6 720 818 788 (2015/11)
▶ If it is dirty:
– Dismantle the combustion chamber.
– Clean the chamber by applying a strong jet of water.
▶ If the dirt persists: dip the sheets in hot water with detergent
and clean carefully.
▶ If necessary: descale the inside of the combustion chamber.
▶ Fit the combustion chamber using new joints.
▶ Inspect the burner each year and clean it if necessary.
▶ In the case of it being very dirty (grease, soot): disassemble
the burner, dip it in hot water with detergent and clean it
carefully with a brush. Do not use metal objects in the
cleaning operation (e.g.: metal brushes) of the injectors.
Water filter
▶ Close the water inlet valve.
▶ Open a hot water tap.
▶ Replace the water filter (Fig. 11).

7.2 Combustion gas control device

▶ In no case should the control device be
switched off, vitiated or replaced by a part
that is not indicated in the spare parts
▶ The user should never touch the control
Operation and precautions
This control device verifies the chimney flue conditions and in
case these are poor, it switches the appliance off automatically,
which impedes the combustion gases from entering the
compartment where the heater is installed. The control device
resets automatically after a cooling period.
If the appliance switches off during its use:
▶ Ventilate the compartment.
▶ After 10 minutes, operate the appliance again.
If it reoccurs, an authorized company should be contacted


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