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Bosch Acu Tank AT 200 Instructions For Use And Maintenance Manual page 103

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Combined buffers for central heating and domestic hot water production | 103
IMPORTANT: The presence of oth-
er /old/ safety valves may lead to
a breakdown of your appliance and
they must be removed.
6 Safety valve drainage pipe. Must be
implemented in accordance with the lo-
cal and European lows, standards and
technical norms. It must have sufficient
slope for water runoff. Both ends should
be open to the atmosphere and to be
secured against frost. Take safety meas-
ures against burning when safety valve is
open!. Fig.9 a, b, c
7 Water heater drainage.
8 Drainage tap.
9 Hose.
10 Expansion vessel. In the storage tank
there is no volume to accommodate
the expansion of water due to its heat-
ing. The presence of the expansion ves-
sel is required in order not to lose water
through the pressure relief valve. Its vol-
ume and type must be defined by HVAC
designer and have to be in accordance
with the system technical requirements,
local and European lows, standards and
technical norms. Its installation shall be
carried out by a qualified technician in ac-
cordance with its operating instructions.
Reference data on the volume of expan-
sion vessel could be found in Table 10
In order that you do not use the circulation
outlet "R" and the outlets for the tempera-
ture sensors "TS1", TS2" and "TS3" as
well as the outlet for the heating element
"EE" is necessary to put an end caps before
filling the water heater with water.
For models without heat exchanger – outlet
marked with "AV" is intended for connection
of air vent device which allows removing the
air from the water tank. For long-lived ser-
vice, it is advisory always to remove com-
pletely the air from the tank!
! To fill up the water heater is necessary
to open the most distant tap, used for sup-
plying hot water in the installation (of the
mixing-faucet) and the tap (2) for supplying
cold water near it. When the water heater is
full, from the cold water tap will continuously
run water.
IMPORTANT! All of the above
mentioned rules for tank connec-
tion to water mains are in RELA-
Tion of your SAFETY! they comply
with European and local regula-
tions and are obligatory!
of the unit to the water supply net and
because of using components with un-
known origin, not with compliance to the
local and european standards !


Table of Contents

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