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Operating Mode; Important Rules - Bosch Acu Tank AT 200 Instructions For Use And Maintenance Manual

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12 | Low capacity buffers
Figure 7
VI. Operating mode
Before using the water heater, make sure
the appliance is connected with the heating
installation in the correct way and that it is
filled with water.
Only qualified P&P specialists and Electri-
cians should put the device into operation.
VII. Important rules
• The use of the appliance for any purpose
other than its intended one is prohibited.
• Do not switch on the water heater unless
you have established that it is filled with
• The installation and maintenance must
be carried out by a professional from the
sector in accordance with the manufac-
turer's instructions.
• The buffer must only be installed in prem-
ises with normal fire resistance. There
should be a siphon connected to a plumb-
ing drainage. The premises temperature
should never be lower than 4 °C.
• Only qualified P&P specialists and Elec-
tricians should perform the connecting
of the buffer to the water main, local or
central water heating, solar panel and
Central heating
system buffer
electric mains. If there is a likelihood of
the premise's temperature falling below
0°C, the water heater must be drained by
raising the safety return-valve's lever.
• During use (water heating mode), the
dripping of water from the safety return-
valve's drainage opening is normal. This
must be left open to the atmosphere.
• In order to ensure the water heater's safe
operation, the safety return-valve must
undergo regular cleaning and inspec-
tions for normal functioning /the valve
must not be obstructed/, and for regions
with highly calcareous water it must be
cleaned of accumulated lime scale. This
service is not provided under warranty
• If upon lifting the valve's lever when the
water tank is full, water commences to
flow from the valve's drainage opening,
this is a sign of a malfunction and the ap-
pliance's use must be discontinued.
• This appliance is not intended for use by
persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
or lack of experience and knowledge,
unless they have been given supervi-
sion or instructions concerning use of the
3 bara


Table of Contents

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