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Mounting And Connection - Bosch Acu Tank AT 200 Instructions For Use And Maintenance Manual

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98 | Combined buffers for central heating and domestic hot water production
IV. Mounting and connection
ATTENTION! Qualified technicians
must perform all technical and elec-
trical assembly works.
1. Installation
Water heaters are delivered on an individual
transport pallet. The storage tanks are used
in premises with low humidity and flat floor.
In order to remove the pallet, Please follow
the described steps bellow (fig. 4):
- Put the water heater in horizontal posi-
- Unscrew the three bolts which hold the
pallet to the water heater;
- Put the high capacity water heater
(HCWH) in vertical position and adjust the
level horizontally.
2. Mounting of "soft" PU insulation.
For the installation of insulating material two
persons, in the case of very big boiler, three
persons are needed. The temperature of the
room where the fitting takes place should be
at least 18
C. The insulation set should be
stored at above mentioned temperature at
least one hour before operating!
In the next step both sides of the zipper have
to be pulled with light traction into the direc-
tion of the arrows shown in FIG.8a. Please
take care that the prefabricated holes stay
in place and the connections are accessible
all the time.
It is important to make sure that both sides
of the zipper do not remain more than 20mm
apart from each other after being fitted
(Fig.6b). Now push both sides of the zipper
to the boiler and fix them on the first position.
If necessary the insulation can be narrowed
(Fig.6c) down again.
Once the insulation material has been fitted
correctly and fastened with the zipper, the
foamed material is inlayed and closed with a
plastic lid on the top. Finally, rosettes can be
fixed onto the connections (Fig.6c).
The insulating set should only be stored
in a dry place! We cannot be held respon-
sible for damage because of failure to ob-
serve these instructions!
Fig. 4
ATTENTION! In order to prevent in-
jury to user and/or third persons in
the event of faults in the system for
providing hot water, the appliance
must be mounted in premises out-
fitted with floor hydro insulation (or)
plumbing drainage.
Fig. 5


Table of Contents

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