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6.5 WOW
DM300c/DM400c/DM475 Service Manual (SV61801 Rev. D)

Static Weight

This procedure should be performed after replacing the load cell assembly
and after the load cell has been calibrated (see WOW Calibration on previ-
ous page). It can help confirm whether the load cell is properly seated and
also helps you check if an obstruction is touching the load cell assembly.
Select "Re-zero WOW".
2. When done, select "Static Weight". Position a 16 oz. test weight at each
of the six points (shown as circles) in the figure below and take a reading.
3. All points should measure 16 oz + or - .010 (15.990 and 16.010). If any
point is far off this range, check to make sure the load cell is properly
seated. Check for an obstruction touching the Load Cell assembly.
4. Recalibrate the WOW until the best 16 oz weight values are obtained.
Set WOW Mode
This setting determines how fast the WOW reacts when it senses mail.
Normal Mode
This is a the regular "fast" mode that works well for most installations.
Precision Mode
Select this mode for unstable environments (it is more resistant to jostles
than the "Normal" setting but slower to react).
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