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3.6 Electronics
DM300c/DM400c/DM475 Service Manual (SV61801 Rev. D)
PCBs (cont'd)
Feeder Logic Board (DM400c/DM450c). The feeder logic board is the
heart of the feeder subsystem used on the DM400c/DM450c. It has a single
chip Hitachi micro controller that provides all the computing and communica-
tion power to the feeder subsystem. Also resident on the feeder PCB are the
motor driver for the feeder motor as well as the buffers for the feeder sensors.
The feeder board derives a 27V supply for the motor drive from the power
supply unit described earlier. The 5V required for the board is derived
through the USB interface connected internally to the main logic PCB. An
LED (see figure below) indicates the 5 volt supply is present. The 3.3V pow-
er for the feeder controller is generated on board from the 5V supply.
The feeder logic board is connected to the main logic board through a wire
harness at J311 and J301. The feeder logic board is connected to the pow-
er supply unit through connector J303. The feeder logic board monitors the
state transitions of transport sensor PS1 in the mailing machine transport.
Figure 3-41 A Feeder Logic Board (DM400c/DM450c)
3 • Theory Of Operation



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Dm400c, Dm475, Dm450c

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