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3.4 Envelope/
Tape Transport
DM300c/DM400c/DM475 Service Manual (SV61801 Rev. D)
DM400c/DM450c/DM475 Autofeeder Transport (cont'd)
Envelope Moistener. The mail
piece is driven through the moist-
ener via the two sets of takeaway
rollers. The moistener assembly
is a variant of the design used in
the Pitney Bowes DM500 mailing
systems. Figure 3-3H shows the
DM400c/DM450c moistener. The
moistener used for the DM300c,
DM400c, DM450c and DM475 all
have similar but not interchange-
able parts. They are a water tank,
moistener wick and grate and
moistener brush. The DM400c and
DM475 also have a separate water
bottle. The DM300c does not.
The operator can enable or disable
the moistener using the seal-no
seal lever. When enabled, the enve-
lope flap passes over the moistener
and is wetted.
The DM300c and DM400c/DM450c
are not equipped with a low water
(sealant) sensor. The operator must
check the sight glass from time to
time to make sure the sealant sup-
ply is adequate.
The DM475 has a mechanical wa-
ter level sensor. An arm rests on
the water bottle. As the water bottle
empties, it moves up due to the
spring in the cap. This moves the
arm passed a colored flag across a
window in the cover.
Most components of the sealer as-
sembly are user replaceable.
Feeder Exit. Sensor FS2 (DM400c/
DM450c) or FS2/WS1 (DM475).
The system uses this sensor to
ensure that adjacent mail pieces are fed with the specified pitch into the trans-
port section of the mailing machine. This sensor also detects jams in the pa-
per path. It connects to the feeder PCB through J307 (DM400c/DM450c).
The motion control system continuously monitors the state of sensors FS2 (auto
feeder) and PS1 (printer) to flag error conditions and report them to the operator.
3 • Theory Of Operation
Figure 3-3H Moistener Assembly
Figure 3-3I Moistener Tank and Wick
Figure 3-3J Sensor FS2



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