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5 • Removal & Replacement
WOW Section of Feeder/WOW Module (use for DM475)
5.49 WOW
Width Sensors
(WS4, WS5,
1. Remove width sensor cover on WOW deck (lift gently from the back).
2. Note location of the two sensors (some models sold outside of US have
three sensors) using the scale on opaque cover. Unfasten four screws
and remove opaque cover.
NOTE: For countries using two sensors only (like the US), a spare cable
(for the third sensor) will be left in the cavity.
3. While holding sensors, unsnap metal shaft from inside slot.
4. Remove the shaft by sliding off the sensors.
5. Unplug flex cable from sensor. Note the orientation of the flex cable
when removing (one side is blue). The side of the sensor with a screw
is towards the printer/base side
Sensor 1 (WS4) - preset to 155 (mm)
[Represents 6-1/8" from the back wall]
Four Screws for Opaque Cover (Circled)
Sensor 2 (WS5) - preset to 250 (mm)
[Represents 10-7/32" from the back wall, the
maximum position it can be set to]
Metal Shaft
Sensor 1 and 2
DM300c/DM400c/DM475 Service Manual (SV61801 Rev. D)



This manual also for:

Dm400c, Dm475, Dm450c

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