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4 • Troubleshooting/Diagnostics
4.2 Troubleshooting Tables
Table 4-10 Modem/Connection Faults
Possible Cause
Machine fails
System not connected to working
to connect to
analog phone line.
Postage By
Phone Data
Center: No dial
Finding a local access number
Make sure the phone cord is firmly connected to a
single line analog phone jack. The term analog phone
line refers to a RJ11C or RJ11W compatible (single
line) telephone wall plug typically used for a residential
phone, analog dial-up computer modem or facsimile
(fax) machine.
Insure the dialing prefix is set properly if needed.
Verify whether a delay (pause) is required in the dialing
sequence. For example, a pause may be required after
the prefix.
Verify the correct PB Phone # is entered. The toll free
number is 1-866-297-8025. You can also try using a
local number. Most of the time a local number will get a
better connection. See Finding a Local Access Number
There may be a problem with the meter serial num-
ber not being recognized by PBP. Are there any error
codes displayed? Check the Error Log before and after
attempting the connection.
There may be telephone line noise or attenuation
causing the line to drop. Trying a different phone num-
ber may help. See Finding a Local Access Number
Connect an analog telephone to the line and verify that
you can dial out and hear clearly on the line.
If a T-Jack (line splitter) is used, try removing it and
connect directly to the wall jack.
If the customer is using DSL, try connecting through
the DSL Analog/Digital Filter while no one is on the
10. Could not connect because of V.42 connect time out.
This can happen with satellite transmissions. Slow-
ing down the modem often resolves this. Please see
Changing the Modem Speed, next page.
Go to :
On the left side of the screen select the "Access Numbers"
Type the area code in the "Area Code" field and then select
"X2/V.90" under the pull down menu for the "Line Type".
Click on "Get Numbers". Choose a local number and pro-
gram it into the unit.
DM300c/DM400c/DM475 Service Manual (SV61801 Rev. D)


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