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Appendix A • Glossary
Secure Print Head. An ink jet print head with integrated PUB ASIC to en-
hance the security of the indicia data sent between the vault and the print
Service Mode. This refers to a mode of operation, available to the CSR, in
which certain non-user accessible parameters may be entered or modified.
This mode corresponds to the Service Mode of previous mailing machine
designs, although some operations which, in the past, required access to
Service Mode are now available in Setup Mode.
Slogan. See Ad Slogan.
Standardized Mail. Mail pieces composed of a #10 commercial envelope
with one insert which is a double folded 8.5 x 11 inch sheet (three-sheet
thickness). Thus, all mail pieces in the category of Standardized Mail are
of the same length, width and thickness. Standardized mail may have flaps
either open, closed or sealed.
Subsystem. A grouping of configuration items satisfying a logical group of
functions within a particular system. See also System.
System. A set of interrelated components working together to accomplish a
common purpose.
UIC (User Interface Controller). The user interface and software vault of
DM Mailing Systems. "ICC" (see entry above) refers to the user interface
and expanded feature set of DM Mailing Systems. The terms "UIC" and
"ICC" are nearly synonymous but not quite interchangeable. They both refer
to what, in a simpler time, was called a "postage meter."
In any event, the UIC (or ICC) software manages the user interface, depart-
mental accounting, logging, reporting, and external interfaces. The software
communicates with the PSD, the PMC, the PHC and external devices.
USB (Universal Serial Bus). A standard that defines the communications
protocol between a host and a device such as a printer, scanner, hard drive,
scale and so on. USB 2.0 supports data transfer rates of 1.5 MB/s (USB
1.0); 12 MB/s (USB 1.1); and 480 MB/s (USB 2.0). USB is faster than a se-
rial or parallel connection, supports up to 127 devices, and generally simpli-
fies the interconnection of devices.
User Mode. This refers to the "normal" mode of operation of the mailing
machine by a user. This is the mode in which postage may be dispensed.
DM300c/DM400c/DM475 Service Manual (SV61801 Rev. D)



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Dm400c, Dm475, Dm450c

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