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4.2 Troubleshooting Tables
Table 4-5 Tape Feeder Faults
Failure to Feed
Operator may be loading tapes improperly.
Tape Strips.
Operator may be using substandard material.
Debris in tape path.
Possible tape motor failure. Tape fails to feed,
but carriage moves to print position. No error
message appears.
Tape drive roller worn or glazed.
Tape pressure plate.
Broken drive gears.
Encoder sensor.
Last few tapes
Tape pressure plate may be hung up on bezel.
fail to feed.
DM300c/DM400c/DM475 Service Manual (SV61801 Rev. D)
Gear Train
Tape Drive Roller
Figure 4-2 Tape Drive
4 • Troubleshooting/Diagnostics
Possible Causes/Solutions
Check that operator is loading tapes properly
and in the correct orientation. See Operator
Guide. Also check that operator is not exceed-
ing hopper capacity (50 to 55 tapes).
Check that tape strips meet PB published
specifications. Tape strips from other sources
are not recommended.
Check tape path for debris and paper frag-
ments. Clean as required.
Run a zero stamp. Does tape motor turn when
tape switch is pressed? If not, check motor us-
ing service diagnostics. If test fails, check tape
motor harness and connection at J117.
Check roller. Clean or replace as necessary.
This small plate is spring-loaded and is de-
signed to apply force to the tape stack and
assist in separation. Check spring. Make sure
pressure plate is not binding.
Inspect gear train between tape motor and tape
drive roller.
Suspect the encoder sensor if no tape feeds
and the system locks up. Check connection at
Main Logic Board, J122.
Make sure pressure plate is not binding.
Tape Motor



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