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3.5 Ink System
DM300c/DM400c/DM475 Service Manual (SV61801 Rev. D)

Waste Tank

The waste tank consists of
an absorbent pad that sits
in a drawer located on the
right side of the machine. Its
purpose is to prevent spillage
of ink and ink contamination
with the machine in any ori-
entation and under the shock
and vibration conditions that
normally occur during ship-
The tank, located directly
below the purge pump drain,
has a capacity of 200 grams. The system logic uses the purge information
to determine how much ink has been pumped into the waste tank. The sys-
tem calculates this using a formula that counts the dots purged (from print
manager data) and considers the amount of time the dots have been in the
waste tank to account for evaporation.
Under normal conditions, the waste pad should last the life of the machine
(500,000 cycles). As the tank fills, the system alerts the user with the follow-
ing messages: Waste Tank Near Full (180 grams or 90%) and Waste Tank
Full (200 grams or 100%). The system will stop when the tank is full and
prompt the user to replace the tank and reset waste tank status to 0% using
the control panel.
The waste tank is easily user replaceable. No machine disassembly is re-

User Maintenance

Should print quality deteriorate, the
user or service representative can
print a test pattern using the Options
Menu (Options > Maintenance > Print
Test Pattern). The pattern should
have no voids as shown in the fig-
ure (GOOD), right. The user display
prompts the user to clean (purge) the
print nozzles if the test pattern is not
Note that printer maintenance options are also available in the Service
Menu as explained in Chapter 6 - Service Menu.
3 • Theory Of Operation
Figure 3-29 Waste Tank Drawer
Figure 3-30 Test Patterns



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Dm400c, Dm475, Dm450c

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