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3 • Theory Of Operation
3.4 Envelope/
Tape Transport
TIP: The DM475 uses
the existing DM400c
autofeeder hardware,
print engine, modem,
USB and serial ports,
meter PSD, and tape
TIP: See section 3.10
for DM475 differences
and specific theory.
DM400c/DM450c/DM475 Autofeeder Transport (cont'd)
When a stack is loaded, it rests on
the stack sensor arm, blocking FS1,
the Feeder Input (Stack Present)
sensor. As described later in this
chapter, this sensor detects the pres-
ence of envelopes in the hopper and
is used by the feeder CPU to start
the mail flow process. This sensor is
connected to the feeder PCB through
J302 (DM400c/DM450c).
Separator. The separator mecha-
nism is an integral part of the upper
auto feeder transport. This consists
of the retard roller assembly (figure,
right), which is driven directly, and a
series of spring- loaded idler rollers
that are friction driven by the lower
transport belts. As the first piece
feeds into the nip formed by the lower
belt drive, the second piece is de-
layed by the action of the retard roll-
ers and separator pads. The retard
roller keeps the second piece from
advancing by its slow reverse rota-
tional direction until the first piece has
been fed past it by the transport belts.
When the second piece comes in
contact with the feed belts, the higher
coefficient of friction of the belts over-
comes the retard roller force and the
second piece is fed right behind the
trailing edge of the first piece. The
process repeats for any additional
pieces of mail. See Figures 3-15 and
3-16 A and B for timing diagrams.
The gap between envelopes is
produced by the speed difference
between the feed belts and the take
away rollers (TAR) shown in Figure
3-3H. There is no operator thickness
adjustment and field adjustment of
the separator gap is not recommended, as it is fixed at the time of manufacture.
In the event that disassembly of the feed and separation components is required,
the gap adjustment must be returned to its original state as explained in Chapter
5 of this manual. The operator can raise the entire upper transport to clear jams
using the auto feeder's jam release lever.
Figure 3-3E Separation and Feed Parts
Figure 3-3F Retard Roller Assembly
Figure 3-3G Feed Belt Assembly
DM300c/DM400c/DM475 Service Manual (SV61801 Rev. D)



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