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6.4 Diagnostics

TIP: Access the Ser-
vice Menu by typing
6946 and pressing
Refill Postage key.
DM300c/DM400c/DM475 Service Manual (SV61801 Rev. D)
PM Diagnostics
Submenu 1
Submenu 2
PM Diagnostics
Motor Diagnostics
Sensor Diagnostics
Motor Diagnostics
Run Transport Motor. Select this option to test the transport motor. You
can start and stop the motor using the soft keys. You can also run the dis-
tance encoder for one revolution (short burst). NOTE: In actual usage, the
motor frequently starts and stops (not running continuously as is done in
this test).
Run Tape Motor. Select this option to run the tape motor for one feed
Cap/Uncap Print Head. Choose this option to test the print head capping
function. Use the appropriate soft keys to open and close the print head
cap. You should be able to hear the cap changing position. The display
shows the status of the cap. NOTE: The system will not allow you to leave
the print head cap in the open position. If you press BACK without first clos-
ing the print head cap, the system closes the cap automatically.
6 • Service Menus
Submenu 3
Run Transport Motor
Run Tape Motor
Cap/uncap Print Head
S1 Transport
S2 Transport
S3 Transport
Jam Lever
Top Cover Open
Cap Home Pos.
Pump Home Pos.
Carriage Pos.
Print Head Vol.



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