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Appendix A • Glossary
Account. Accumulated information from a set of transactions that have the
same account ID number.
Ad Slogan. An advertisement image printed to the left of the inscription po-
APIN. Alphanumeric Piece Identification Number.
Art Card. Smart Card device used to load custom graphics, such as Ad Slo-
gans, into the meter.
Ascending Register Amount. The cumulative amount of postage spent.
ASIC. Application-Specific Integrated Circuit.
Bank. A term used to define the number of settable digits in the postage
value. A digit includes the printable characters of 0 through 9.
Control Sum. The total of the Ascending (postage amount spent) and De-
scending (postage amount remaining) Registers.
Descending Register. The Descending Register value is the amount of
unspent postage.
Endorsement. An inscription printed in the Ad slogan area because of the
amount of text. Used only in the US market.
Flap-Stripping Moistener. A type of moistener used to open and seal
closed-flap envelopes. The moistening device opens the flap so the glue
can be moistened. The flap is then closed as it exits the moistening unit.
ICC (IntelliLink™ Control Center). The user interface and main controller
in DM mailing systems. A postage meter. It performs a number of functions
as explained in Chapter 3 of this manual. See also UIC below.
Inscription. Classification information appearing next to the ad slogan
which fulfills postal regulations concerning class of delivery, service or some
other indication used to calculate postage.
IntelliLink Postage-By-Phone™. A special service offered to Pitney Bowes
customers whereby funds may be added to a software vault using a phone-
based, interactive system. IntelliLink transactions may be done manually
by the user (i.e., by calling a special telephone number) or automatically
through the use of a modem (also referred to as "Auto-Postage-By Phone"
or "One-Button Refill"). IntelliLink also refers to a suite of services offered by
Pitney Bowes that allow the customer to download product enhancements
and participate in offerings designed to improve mailing efficiency.
IPIN. Incrementing Piece Identification Number.
ISO 7816 International Organization for Standardization. The ISO 7816
is a standard protocol for communicating with smart cards.
DM300c/DM400c/DM475 Service Manual (SV61801 Rev. D)


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