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3.5 Ink System

TIP: The DM475 uses
the existing DM400c
autofeeder hardware,
print engine, modem,
USB and serial ports,
meter PSD, and tape
DM300c/DM400c/DM475 Service Manual (SV61801 Rev. D)
The ink system is comprised of
Ink tank (cartridge)
Print head
Carriage Assembly
Carriage Board
Purge Unit
Waste Tank

Ink Cartridge

The DM300c/DM400c/DM475
use the same, unique ink car-
tridge (figure, right). It is mount-
ed in the print carriage assembly and is easily replaceable by the user.
The cartridge has a capacity of 45ml. For the DM300c, the cartridge has
a typical life of 5,800 imprints at 33 envelopes per day. For the DM400c/
DM475, cartridge life is typically 8,800 imprints at 88 envelopes per day.
These estimates are based on printing U.S. indicia with 2D barcodes and
assumes the DM400c/DM475 is processing a higher volume of mail than
the DM300c. A higher print volume equates to fewer maintenance (purge)
cycles, therefore, the number of prints from the cartridge increases as the
number of imprints increases. (Most of the ink in a cartridge is used up by
purge cycles, rather than actual printing.)
The tank is equipped with a NVM that holds the following information: ink
tank type; date of manufacture; and ink drop count. The system uses the
drop count to compute ink consumption and display low ink and out-of-ink
To determine ink tank status, the system counts the number of ink drops
(dots) used. The system knows how many dots are used for each specific
function: indicia print, ad print, inscription print, and purges A through E (see
Table 3-2). The system uses this information to determine how much ink is
left in the ink tank. The system displays a low ink warning when approxi-
mately 500 prints are left. For the DM300c, a low ink condition is defi ned as
5,300 pieces, and for the DM400c/DM475, 8,300 pieces. The following error
messages are associated with the ink tank:
Ink Tank Fault—Power cycle; install new ink tank if problem persists.
Out of Ink—Install new ink cartridge. The system calculates consumption
as explained above. Running out of ink is treated as an error condition
with no adverse effects on the printer system. All non-printing functions
(e.g., accounting, postage refill, USPS services, seal-only mode, data
capture uploads, service menu, etc.) are available when the system is in
the out-of-ink condition.
3 • Theory Of Operation
Figure 3-21 Ink Tank (Cartridge)



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