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5 • Removal & Replacement
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5.16 Postal
Security Device
( PSD)
You must remove the Postal Security
Device (PSD) when you swap out
Main Logic (Controller) Boards. Re-
install PSD on the new Main Logic
NOTE: There is a special procedure
for handling removal and disposition
of a PSD in the event a customer
closes their Postage By Phone® ac-
count and wishes to retain the mail-
ing machine. Follow the instructions
in Chapter 4, section 4.5.2.
1. Remove back cover (sec-
tion 5.2). This provides
access to PSD holder.
2. Remove PSD and holder
as shown in Figure, 5-56,
above right.
a. Carefully push holder away
from Main Logic Board.
b. Carefully pull holder up at an
angle to release it.
Carefully install PSD, reversing in-
stallation process above. Make sure
it is properly seated and the PSD
makes good contact with the board
as shown in Figure 5-57.
NOTE: If the system displays a 25xx error at initialization, communication
with the iButton PSD failed. Remove power, try reseating the iButton PSD,
then reboot. A loose iButton PSD connection can also cause PSD com-
munication errors. Remove the iButton PSD and tighten both the inner and
outer connector tangs. Pull the inner connector tang to bend it outward.
Push the outer connector tang toward the PC board. Then reinstall the
iButton PSD.
Figure 5-56 Removing PSD
Figure 5-57 PSD Holder and Contact.
The plastic shield has been removed to
provide a better view. The inset shows
the PSD and holder removed from the
DM300c/DM400c/DM475 Service Manual (SV61801 Rev. D)
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