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Pitney Bowes DM300c Service Manual: Book Organization; Personal Safety

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1 • Introduction
1.3 Book
1.4 Safety
1 • Introduction — Presents vital safety information and an overview of manu-
2 • Specifications — Provides a brief product description and lists the equip-
ment, material specifications and PCNs for the models.
3 • Theory of Operation — lists the differences between the DM300c,
DM400c, and DM475 machines; and explains how the machine works.
4 • Troubleshooting — Provides troubleshooting/diagnostic procedures.
5 • Removal and Replacement — Describes procedures for part removal,
replacement and adjustment.
6 • Service Menu — explains on-board diagnostic programs used to trouble-
Appendix A: Glossary of Terms — Defines some terms used in this man-
ual with which you may not be familiar.
Appendix B: Operator Training Checklist — Provides a handy checklist of
Warning messages appear throughout this manual to alert you to potentially
hazardous con di tions. Two designations indicate their relative seriousness:
could result in a potentially serious, even lethal injury to you
or the customer.
minor injury to you or a customer or that could damage
equipment or material.
Familiarize yourself with proper procedures and methods before you install,
operate or re pair the equipment to avoid personal injury or damage to the
equipment. If you train service peo ple or equip ment operators, it is important to
explain safety precautions to your students and en cour age safety awareness.

Personal Safety

Follow these precautions for your own safety:
Treat every circuit like a gun that may be loaded. It may not be "live,"
but be sure. Check with a neon tester or voltmeter, or simply unplug the
Know how to turn off the power in the work area and get help in an
emer gen cy.
Don't work on equipment under power unless it's absolutely necessary.
If you must, use extreme cau tion. Don't grasp two sides of a live circuit
at the same time—use one hand when reach ing into a cir cuit, touching
a ground ed case or chas sis with that wrist or el bow if pos si ble. This pre-
vents cur rent from passing through vital organs. Observe this rule when
con nect ing or dis con nect ing plugs or leads, or mak ing any adjustments
on a live cir cuit.
Calls attention to improper practices that
Calls attention to practices that could cause
DM300c/DM400c/DM475 Service Manual (SV61801 Rev. D)



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Dm400c, Dm475, Dm450c

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