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5 • Removal & Replacement
Auto-Feeder (use for DM400c/DM450c/DM475)

5.27 Feed Deck

1. Remove feeder upper cover
(section 5.25) and side guide
(section 5.26).
2. Remove screw shown in fig-
ure, right, and detach entrance
3. Remove six screws (located
by arrows in Figure 5-86).
NOTE: The DM475 feed deck
has eight screws. When re-
moving the left rear screw,
make sure you leave the
ground connection under it
4. Before you remove deck as-
sembly, hold down the stacker
sensor flag from its back as
shown in Figure 5-87.
CAUTION: Stacker sensor
flag can break easily.
5. Carefully remove deck. Ma-
neuver the deck tabs out of
their corresponding holes in
the feed unit frame as shown
in Figure 5-88, next page.
Lift up front edge of deck and pull
carefully toward front to free it.
6. Reassemble in reverse order.
NOTE: Make sure you hold
down the stacker sensor flag
when replacing the deck as-
Entrance Guide
Figure 5-85 Removing Entrance Guide
Feed Deck
Figure 5-86 Removing Feed Deck
DM300c/DM400c/DM475 Service Manual (SV61801 Rev. D)



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Dm400c, Dm475, Dm450c

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