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Appendix B • Operator Training
The following checklist is intended to be used as a training aid. As you review each topic, check it off
and move on to the next until you have completed all sections of the Operator Guide (SV62261 Rev.
C or later).
1 - Introduction
1. ___ Getting Help (on page v of Operator Guide)
2. ___ Other Sources of help (Cardex, CD with Operator Guide, PB websites)
3. ___ Important Safety Notes/Telephone Safety Instructions
4. ___ Special Warning for not Moving DM475 by the Customer
2 - Getting to Know Your System
1. ___ Parts of the Machine
2. ___ Control Panel
3. ___ Connections on Back of Machine
3 - Running Mail
NOTE: Whenever a batch of mail is completed, the operator should quickly flip through the mail to
confirm all were printed.
1. ___ Home Screen
2. ___ Checking Funds (Postage) Availability in Machine
3. ___ Processing Letter Mail
IMPORTANT NOTE ON "SEAL/NO SEAL" USE: Unlike the DM500 through DM1000 models,
the DM400c/DM450c/DM475 models use a manual, mechanical means to switch between "seal"
and "no seal" modes. This means the machine will stay in the last mode the switch was set to by
the operator (it does not use software to switch back to a default "no seal" mode). Consequently,
if an operator uses the machine in a "seal" mode, they must be reminded to switch the seal/no
seal lever back to the "no seal" position. If left in the "seal" mode, it can cause a jam when the
next user runs mail in a no seal mode (this is the most common mode used by our customers).
4. ___ WOW® (Weigh-on-the-Way) and Shape-Based Rating (SBR)
5. ___ Processing Flats, Packages, or Non-Letter Mail
6. ___ Using Differential Weighing
DM300c/DM400c/DM475 Service Manual (SV61801 Rev. D)



This manual also for:

Dm400c, Dm475, Dm450c

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