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4.2 Troubleshooting Tables
Table 4-6 Printing Faults (cont'd)
Poor print from
Follow steps at right.
used ink car-
Print is not clean
Check to see that the edges of the wiper blade
and crisp; smear-
on the front of the maintenance station are clean.
ing or spotting
Also check the "wiper wiper" clipped on the rear
evident. Ink sup-
of the print carriage. It can be easily unclipped
ply is okay.
and removed for inspect and replacement.
Does a purge correct the problem?
Is the carriage moving normally so that wiping
Is the printhead harness properly connected at
No print, red or
partial print.
Check for bent pins. These are behind print
head (see figure) and are angled downward.
Partial, streaked
Check the edges of the opening in the registra-
or Incomplete
tion plate for ink and paper dust deposits.
Wiper and/or capping station may be contami-
nated with excess ink. Purge may be required.
DM300c/DM400c/DM475 Service Manual (SV61801 Rev. D)
4 • Troubleshooting/Diagnostics
Possible Cause/Solution
Remove the printhead and check for bent pins.
Pins are normally angled downward.
Make sure printhead is correctly installed.
Check printhead harness and connection at J127.
If purges fail to correct the problem, and the ink
cartridge is not empty, replace the printhead.
If this fails to correct the problem, there may be
a problem with the print head carriage board.
This requires replacement of the print head
carriage assembly.
Check the wiper blade for excess ink accumu-
lation. Clean as required. Replace wiper wiper
if necessary. Wiper blade cannot be replaced.
If needed, purge and run a test print.
Check carriage movement and correct any
problems. See table 4-7.
Make sure it is locked in position.
Possible print head controller (PHC) failure.
Figure 4-4 Contact Pins
Clean as required.
Clean wiper and capping station. Perform a "C"
purge, then a "D" purge.
Check for bent pins



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