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Sharp IV-S30 User Manual page 94

Compact image sensor camera function and operation
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Setting Measurement Conditions
[When monitoring changes in the lighting environment] ... If not, go to item 6.
5. Select item "3THRESHOLD VALUE", using the up and down keys, and press the SET key.
- Select the upper and lower limits using the left and right keys, and set the light level range (0 to
255) using the up and down keys. Then, press the SET key.
- When the average light level in the monitoring window is out of the preset light level range,
"OVR ILLM. RANGE (light level over range)" will be displayed on the MAIN OPS MENU.
[When the threshold value for binary conversion is automatically modified to take into
account changes in the lighting environment] .... If not, go to item 8.
6. Press the SEL key to enter freeze frame the image.
- "F.IMG (freeze)" will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.
- Before reading and storing the next average light level sample, it is necessary to enter the
freeze frame.
7. Select item "4REG AVG. GRAY LVL (average light level registration)", using the up and down
keys, and press the SET key. When the SET key is pressed again, the "REG. AVG. GRAYS
(average light level)" will be registered.
- This average light level is required when threshold value correction is selected in the binary
conversion method.
- If the average light level has not been registered, you will see "error 22: BIN MON. LIGHT LVL
NOT SET (the light level check function has not been enabled)."
- The registered light level is the reference value used when threshold values are modified.
- If the current screen is not a frozen image, "CHANGE TO FREEZE MODE (change to freeze)"
will be displayed.
8. Select "RETURN" and press the SET key.
- Move the cursor to the "SAVE" item on the [TYPE MEAS COND] menu in order to save the
parameters you have entered in the IV-S30 flash memory.
After the measurement monitoring function is turned ON and images have been captured, the
lighting monitoring function set above will be active.


Table of Contents

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