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Chapter 14: Distance And Angle Measurement - Sharp IV-S30 User Manual

Compact image sensor camera function and operation
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Chapter 14: Distance and Angle Measurement

You can specify the settings for distance and angle mesurement on the "MEAS COND" menu in the
positional deviation measurement, degree of match inspection, object identification by binary conversion
(select "YES" for center of gravity mesurement), multiple position measurement, and multiple degree of
match inspection. (- page 4-2, 5-2, 10-2, 12-2, and 13-2)
The distance and angle of the centers of the detected points can be measured using
the center detection function and the edge detection function in a gray scale search
and the center of grevity detection function, which is a part of the labeling process.
- This function can measure the following distances and angles: distance between two
points, X coordinate distance, Y coordinate distance, the angle between three points,
the horizontal angle of two points, and the vertical angle of two points.
- The following points and lines can be set: center point, circle center point, gravity
center, point where two straight lines cross, line passing through two points.
Measurement for installed electronic components
[Measuring an IC package]
Search area
image a)
Reference images a and b are recorded when the crosshair cursor is placed on
the edge of the IC package.
- Measuring sequence
1 Obtain the center points of images a and b by running a 2 point gray scale
2 Determine the distance between the two center points.
- For details about measuring the distance between two points, X coordinate distance, and Y coordinate
distance manually, see the MANL-MEAS (manual measurement) section (page 2-12) for the crosshair
cursor display.
Reference image a
Search area
(reference image b)
Reference image b
Distance and Angle Measurement


Table of Contents

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