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Data Flow - Sharp IV-S30 User Manual

Compact image sensor camera function and operation
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Computer Link

19-2 Data flow

Specify the CCD-TRIG (camera 1) or the PARALLEL (parallel interface) as the source of the MEAS INP
I/F (measurement start input) signal. - See Chapter 17 "Setting the Input/Output Conditions."
The data flow for a measurement start input (CCD trigger/parallel) signal and an object type change
command (parallel) is shown below.
The block of measurement data to be written from the IV-S30 to the PC, in step 2, can be specified on
the [OBJECT TYPE I/O] menu. - See page 17-21
Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë When a Sharp PC is connected
The IV-S30 sends write enable command (EWR) to the PC in the following cases.
- When the power is applied to the IV-S30.
- When a Sharp PC is selected.
- When a write mode nonconformity error (code 10
transmitted (when the power is disconnected from the PC).
Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë When a Mitsubishi or OMRON PC is connected
The data in items 2 and 3 are divided into packets for transmission.
1 Enter measurement start signal.
(CCD trigger/parallel)
2 Write measurement data.
3 Receive a completion response.
CCD camera or PC
2,3: Computer link
) occurs after a result write command (WRG) is


Table of Contents

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