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Compact image sensor camera function and operation
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[3] Maintenance

Check the equipment for the following items.

(1) Operation check

- Change the measurement number on the MAIN OPS MENU, and change the monitor screen to the
freeze or through mode. Then, make sure that the image is normally displayed.

(2) Checks

- Check the illumination from the lighting equipment.
- Make sure that the monitor screen is in focus and that the aperture setting is proper.
- Check the cable insulation for breaks, and make sure that the cable connectors are not loose.
- Carefully wipe dust off the lens with a soft, dry cloth.
- If dust has landed on the CCD surfaces of this camera, wipe them with a clean cotton swab soaked
in isopropyl alcohol. Move the cotton swab lightly and slowly in one direction. Change cotton swabs
frequently. Do not clean more than one CCD surface with one cotton swab.
[Procedure for checking after cleaning]
1 Mount the lens (mirror tube) on this camera.
2 Close the lens iris all the way.
3 Point the lens toward the light source, and check the monitor screen to make sure that there are
no spots on the screen. (If the iris is open even a little, then even if spots exist, they will not be
visible on the monitor screen. Fine adjustments to the iris are required.)

(3) When measurement errors and/or evaluation errors occur frequently, check:

- The illumination of the lighting equipment and lamps.
- The inspection object is within the window.
- The cables for looseness or disconnection.
- The lens for dirt and dust.
- The lens focus and aperture have not changed.
- The power is being supplied normally, and
- The parameters you set have been stored.
(If the parameters have changed, reset the parameters from the beginning.)
Front view
(view A) of the CCD
When an IV-S30C1/C3 is used


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