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Timing Chart - Sharp IV-S30 User Manual

Compact image sensor camera function and operation
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[Explanation of the program]
The numbers 1 to 16 below correspond to the same numbers on the preceding page.
1. Turn on the power, and wait for 5 sec. (07377 is kept ON for only 1 scan after the power is turned
2. The camera is started. (00040 enters a measurement trigger.)
3. The trigger input (00007) is self-latched when the operation start has begin (00000 = ON).
4. The termination code of the write register is cleared.
5. The time-out detection timer monitoring the computer link is started.
6. Time-out error
7. A check is made for normal termination.
8. Normal termination (09000 = 000
9. A check is made for errors.
10. Occurrence of an error (09000 = 001 to 376
11. The data in the result output relays Y0 to Y15 (16 points) on the IV-S30 is transferred from
registers 09004 to 09005 to addresses ]0412 and ]0413.
12. A normal termination signal is output.
13. The judgment (OK/NG) of the result output relay Y0 is output.
14. The judgment (OK/NG) of the result output relay Y1 is output.
15. When a time-out or an error occurs, it is output.
16. When a time-out or an error occurs, it is reset.

(4) Timing chart

Operation start 00040
Start signal input 00007
Operation of the IV-S30
through a computer link
Normal termination
Y0, Y1
Error output 00013
Execution of
Data writing
IV-S30 - JW70H
Computer link
1 scan time


Table of Contents

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