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Installation Instructions - Electrolux EXP26U338CW User Manual

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5.1 Exhausting hot air
In the Cool Mode the appliance must be
placed close to a window or opening so
that the warm exhaust air can be ducted
outside. First position unit on a flat floor
and make sure there's a minimum of
50cm clearance around the unit, and is
within the vicinity of a single circuit outlet
power source.
1. Extend either side of the hose (Fig. 1)
and screw the hose to adaptor A (Fig. 2).
The adaptor A already be screwed
to the hose for this unit.
2. Extend the other side of the hose and
screw it to adaptor B (Fig. 3).
3. Install the adaptor A into the unit (Fig. 4).
4. Affix the adaptor B into the window.
(Fig. 5)
The hose can be extended from
its original length of 38cm up to
150cm, but it is the best to keep
the length to minimum required.
Also make sure that the hose does
not have any sharp bends or sags.
(Fig. 6)
Fig. 4

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Table of Contents