Trouble Shooting - Electrolux EXP26U338CW User Manual

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2. Wash the filter using liquid dishwashing
detergent and warm water under
40°C. Rinse filter thoroughly. Gently
shake excess water from the filter.
Be sure filter is thoroughly dry before
replacing. Or, instead of washing you
may vacuum the filter clean.
3. Replace the filter after the filter is dry.
Be sure filter is thoroughly dry
before replacing.
8.3 Winter Storage
If the air conditioner will not be used for
an extended period of time:
1. Drain the water collection tank
completely and leave the bottom
drain cap and rubber plug long time
enough to allow any residual water to
drain out. Once the tank is completely
drained and no more water flows out,
reinstall the rubber plug and cap.


Before calling for service, review this list.
It may save you time and expense. This
list includes common occurrences that are
not the result of defective workmanship or
materials in this appliance.
Air conditioner will not operate.
• Wall plug disconnected. Push plug
firmly into wall outlet.
• House fuse blown or circuit breaker
tripped. Replace fuse with time delay
type or reset circuit breaker.
• Control is OFF. Turn Control ON and
set to desired setting.
• Fault code P1 appears in the display
window. Drain water as described in
7.3 Drainage Section.
• Room Temperature lower than the set
temperature (Cool Mode) or Room
Temperature higher than the set
temperature (Heat Mode). Reset the
2. Remove and clean the filter, allow it to
dry completely, then reinstall it.
3. Remove the batteries from the remote
4. Store the air conditioner in a cool, dry
location, away from direct sunlight,
extreme temperature, excessive dust,
and well ventilated.
Before using the air conditioner again:
1. Make sure the filter and drain cap are
in place.
2. Check the cord to make sure it is in
good condition, without cracks or
3. Place new batteries in the remote
4. Install the air conditioner as described
in the Installation Instructions.
Air from unit does not feel cold
• Room temperature below 16°C.
Cooling may not occur until room
temperature rises above 16°C.
• Reset to a lower temperature.
• Compressor shut-off by changing
modes. Wait approximately 4 minutes
and listen for compressor to restart
when set in the COOL mode.
Air conditioner cooling, but room is
too warm - NO ice forming on cooling
coil behind decorative front.
• Outdoor temperature below 16°C.
To defrost the coil, set Fan mode.
• Air filter may be dirty. Clean filter.
Refer to 8. Care and Cleaning section.
To defrost, set to Fan mode.
• Temperature is set too low for nighttime
cooling. To defrost the coil, set to
Fan mode. Then, set temperature
to a higher setting.
• Exhaust duct not connected or blocked.
See 5.1 Exhausting hot air Section.

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Table of Contents