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Electrolux EXP26U338CW User Manual page 11

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When the air filter is to be removed,
do not touch the metal parts of the unit
Do not clean the air conditioner with
Ventilate the room well when used
together with a stove, etc.
When the unit is to be cleaned, switch
off, and turn off the circuit breaker
Do not place a pet or house plant where
it will be exposed to direct air flow
Do not use for special purposes
Stop operation and close the window
in storm or cyclone
Hold the plug by the head of the power
plug when taking it out
Turn off the main power switch when not
using the unit for a long time
Do not place obstacles around air-inlets
or inside of air-outlet
Always insert the filters securely.
Clean filter once every two weeks
Do not use strong detergent such
as wax or thinner - use a soft cloth
Do not place heavy object on the power
cord and ensure that the cord is not
Do not drink water drained from
air conditioner
Use caution when unpacking and installing Sharp edges could cause injury
If water enters the unit, turn the unit off at
the power outlet and switch off the circuit
breaker. Isolate supply by taking the
power-plug out and contact a qualified
service technician
It may cause an injury
Water may enter the unit and degrade the
insulation. It may cause an electric shock
An oxygen shortage may occur
Do not clean unit when power is on as
it may cause fire, explosion and electric
shock, it may cause an injury
This could injure the pet or plant
Do not use this air conditioner to
preserve precision devices, food, pets,
plants, and art objects. It may cause
deterioration of quality, etc.
Operation with windows opened may
cause wetting of indoor and soaking
of household furniture
It may cause electric shock and damage
It may cause failure of product or fire and
It may cause failure of appliance
or accident
Operation without filters may cause
Appearance may be deteriorated due
to change of product colour or scratching
of its surface
There is danger of fire, explosion
or electric shock
It contains contaminants and could make
you sick
It could cause electric shock and damage

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Table of Contents