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Electrolux EXP26U338CW User Manual page 19

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How to delay shutdown
You can delay shutdown when the unit is
on. Press the "timer" button, the screen
will display "timer" and "h", and the "off"
will flashing.
Tap or hold the UP arrow " " or the DOWN
arrow " " to change delay stop timer at
0.5 hour increments up to 10 hours, then
at 1 hour increments up to 24 hours. After
3 seconds, the setting will be memorized,
and the display will show the time
remaining until the unit shuts down. You
can also press the "timer" button again
directly and the "off" will stop flashing
To cancel the setting, press the "timer"
button again.
7.3 Fault code
If the display reads "AS", "CS" and
"ES", the temperature sensor has failed.
Contact your Authorized Electrolux
Service Center.
If the display reads "L3", the condenser
DC fan motor has failed. Contact your
Authorized Electrolux Service Center.
If the display reads "P1", bottom tray is
full. Carefully move the unit to a drain
location, remove the bottom drain plug
and let the water drain away. Restart the
machine until the "P1" symbol disappears.
If error repeats, call for service.
If the display reads "E4", the communication
between display PCB and main control
PCB is faulty. Contact your Authorized
Electrolux Service Center.
7.4 Drainage instruction
Continuous Drainage
During the DRY mode or heat pump
model, you will need a garden hose
(sold separately) or drain hose to drain
the condensate from the unit.
Follow the steps below:
• Unscrew the drain cap of continuous
drain outlet(Fig.20).
• Connect one end of the garden hose
(sold separately) or drain hose to the
drain outlet then lead the other end into
a drain that is lower than the unit(Fig.21).
• Condensate may flow out after removing
the drain cap, if the unit is running in
Cool or Auto mode. When you want
to remove the garden hose, prepare
a drip tray (not supplied) to collect the
condensate from the drain outlet.
• Please be sure that the height of the
drain and section of the drain hose
should not be higher than that of the
drain outlet, or the continous drainage
may not work properly.
• During Cool or Auto mode, it is
recommended to disable continuous
drainage by replacing the drain cap to
the drain outlet, to reach the maximum
Fig. 20
Drain cap
for Dry mode
Drain cap
for Heat Pump mode
Garden hose
Drain hose
Fig. 21

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Table of Contents