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Electrolux EXP26U338CW User Manual page 6

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1.3 Usage cautions
• Be sure to turn the unit off and disconnect the power
supply cord before performing any maintenance or
• Do not put unit near any heat source or open fire when
you replacing the filters.
• Do not splash or pour water directly onto the unit. Water
can cause electrical shock or equipment damage.
• Drainage should be performed whenever moving the
air conditioner. If any water remains in the tank, it may
spill out while being moved.
• To ensure proper drainage, the drainage hose must
have no kinks and must not be elevated during
dehumidification mode. If not, the drained water may
spill out into the room.
• The temperature around the drainage hose must not
be below freezing point when used. Drained water may
freeze inside the hose, causing water inside the unit to
overflow into the room.
• Do not block the exhaust air outlet with obstacles. Cooling
performance may be reduced or stop completely.
• Provide a anti-explosive residual current device (RCD)
in order to protect against electric shock in accordance
with British Standard and Wiring Rules.
• Exposure to direct airflow for an extended period of
time could be hazardous to your health. Do not expose
occupants, pets, or plants to direct airflow for extended
periods of time.
• Do not use this air conditioner for non-specified special
purposes (e.g. preserving precision devices, food, pets,
plants, and art objects). Usage in such a manner could
harm such property.
• Do not use means to accelerate the defrosting process
or to clean, other than those recommended by the
Square earthed pin
(only for UK)

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Table of Contents