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Electrolux EXP26U338CW User Manual page 18

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The "Sleep" mode program can be
cancelled at any time during operation by
pressing the "Sleep", "mode" or "fan speed"
Note: In Fan or Dry mode, Sleep mode
cannot be set.
Louver Swing Function
Press the "swing" button to enable louver
swing function, and the upper side of
screen will display "
on the top panel will swing up and down.
Press this button again to disable the
louver swing function.
°F/°C function
Press the " " and " " button the same
time for more than 3 seconds to switch
between degree Fahrenheit and degrees
Celsius. Under Dry/Fan mode, you can
not select °F/°C.
Timer mode
How to delay startup
Plug in the unit, so the unit turns to
standby. Press the "timer" button, the
screen will display "timer"and "h", and
the "on" will flashing.
Tap or hold the UP arrow " " or the
DOWN arrow " " to change delay start
timer at 0.5 hour increments up to
10 hours, then at 1 hour increments up to
24 hours. After 3 seconds, the setting will
be memorized. The control will count down
the time remaining until startup. You can
also press the "timer" button again directly
and the "on" will stop flashing immediately,
then the unit will start up in the mode as
". The louver
previously set.
You can set up the mode and the unit will
start up as you preferred after "on" stop
To cancel the setting, press the "timer"
button again.

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Table of Contents