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Electrolux EAS(C,E)09C2ASK(W,S,M) Instruction Manual

Split type room air conditioner
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Please read this manual completely before operating your room air conditioner.



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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux EAS(C,E)09C2ASK(W,S,M)

  • Page 1 INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL SPLIT TYPE ROOM AIR CONDITIONER MODELS: EAS(C,E)09C2ASK(W,S,M) / EAS(C,E)12C2ASK(W,S,M) EAS(C,E)18C2ASK(W,S,M) / EAS(C,E)24C2ASK(W,S,M) EAS(C,E)09P5ASK(W,S,M) / EAS(C,E)12P5ASK(W,S,M) EAS(C,E)18P5ASK(W,S,M) / EAS(C,E)24P5ASK(W,S,M) 110823P Please read this manual completely before operating your room air conditioner. S(351-358)EM_ENGLISH...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Welcome to the world of simple handling and no worries. 01. Welcome......................01 Thank you for choosing Electrolux. This manual contains all of the information 02. Environmental advices..................01 required to guarantee your safety and the appropriate use of your air 03. Contents......................02 conditioner.
  • Page 3: Contents

    03 electrolux contents safety precautions electrolux 04 Safety precautions 6.7 How the air conditioner works.............40 To prevent injury to the user or other people and property damage, the following instructions must be followed. - Automatic operation - Cool/Heat and Fan only operation Incorrect operation due to ignoring of instructions may cause harm or damage.
  • Page 4 05 electrolux safety precautions safety precautions electrolux 06 conditioner. It contains may cause an electric shock. contaminants and could make you 20.Ventilate the room well when used sick. together with a stove, etc. An 10.Do not use the power cord close to oxygen shortage may occur.
  • Page 5: Installation

    07 electrolux safety precautions choosing the installation site electrolux 08 Choosing the installation site there is concern of damage due to Precautions for Installation falling of unit. Installation at the following sites may cause problems. If you must inevitably 28.Always insert the filters securely.
  • Page 6: Parts List

    09 electrolux outdoor unit parts list electrolux 10 Parts list Outdoor Unit More More NUMBERING PART NAME QTY. More than 60cm 1. The outdoor unit must be installed than 30cm than 30cm Installation plate at a convenient site that is not exposed to strong winds.
  • Page 7: Indoor Unit Installation

    11 electrolux parts list indoor unit installation electrolux 12 Indoor unit installation Installation plate description More than 15cm abov 15 m from Indo or un it ou tlin I stallat ion pla Indoor unit he e l c i ing...
  • Page 8 13 electrolux indoor unit installation indoor unit installation electrolux 14 150mm del techo Connective pipe and drainage installation Drainage Do not block Do not block water flow 1. Run the drain hose sloping water flow by a rise. by a rise.
  • Page 9: Outdoor Unit Installation

    15 electrolux indoor unit installation outdoor unit installation electrolux 16 Outdoor unit installation 1. Install the outdoor unit on a rigid 3. Piping can easily be made by lifting base to prevent increasing noise the indoor unit with a cushioning level and vibration.
  • Page 10: Refrigerant Pipe Connection

    17 electrolux outdoor unit installation refrigerant pipe connection electrolux 18 Refrigerant pipe connection Flaring work Settlement of outdoor unit Air inlet Anchor the outdoor unit with Main cause for refrigerant leakage is a bolt and nut 10 or 8 tightly due to defect in the flaring work.
  • Page 11: Electrical Work

    19 electrolux refrigerant pipe connection electrical work electrolux 20 Electrical work Electric safety regulations for the initial Installation 4. Flaring work A) Firmly hold copper pipe in a die in 1. If there is serious safety problem 5. According to the attached Electrical...
  • Page 12 21 electrolux electrical work electrical work electrolux 22 Connect the cable to the indoor unit 1. The inside and outside connecting < 24000 Btu's Electrical box < 24000 Btu's cable can be connected without cover COOL MODELS HEAT AND COOL MODELS removing the front grille.
  • Page 13 23 electrolux electrical work electrical work electrolux 24 Connect the cable to the outdoor unit < 24 000 Btu's < 24000 Btu's 1. Remove the electrical control board COOL MODEL HEAT & COOL MODEL cover from the outdoor unit by "Connector A"...
  • Page 14: Air Purging

    25 electrolux electrical work electrical work electrolux 26 Caution Air purging with vacuum pump After the confirmation of the above conditions, prepare the wiring as follows: 1. Check that each tube(both liquid and gas side tubes) between the indoor and outdoor units have been properly connected and all wiring for the test 1.
  • Page 15: Electrical Safety

    27 electrolux electrical work electrical safety electrolux 28 Electrical safety Perform the electric safe check after completing installation: When using the vacuum pump For method of using a manifold valve, refer to its operation manual. 1. Insulated resistance: The insulated resistance must be more than 2M 2.
  • Page 16: Operation Test

    29 electrolux operation test preparing the device for operation electrolux 30 Preparing the device for operation Operation test Perform test operation after completing gas leak check at the flare nut 1. Contact a specialist to install the device. connections and electrical safety check.
  • Page 17: Product Description

    31 electrolux product description product description electrolux 32 Product description Display panel Front panel frame (indoor unit) Front panel DEFROST*: Displayed when the Air filter air conditioner starts defrosting (inside front panel) automatically or when the warm air Horizontal airflow grille...
  • Page 18: Remote Control

    33 electrolux remote control remote control electrolux 34 Remote control Remote control operation When should the batteries be been received and transmitted in the replaced indoor unit. 1. Operation mode: Cool, Heat (Only for the models with cool/heat), DRY, FAN, 3.
  • Page 19: Remote Control Description

    35 electrolux remote control description remote control description electrolux 36 Remote control description DIRECTION: Press this button to ON/OFF: Push this button to start change the swing angle of the operation, push the button again to louver. The swing angle of the stop operation.
  • Page 20: Lcd Display Indicators

    37 electrolux remote control description lcd display indicators electrolux 38 LCD display indicators CANCEL: Push this button to TRANSMISSION INDICATOR: This cancel the TIMER ON/OFF transmission indicator lights when settings. remote controller transmits signals TURBO*: Push this button on to the indoor unit.
  • Page 21: Clock Adjustment

    39 electrolux clock adjustment how the air conditioner works electrolux 40 Clock adjustment How the air conditioner works Before you start operating the air conditioner, set the clock of the remote Automatic operation controller using the procedures given in this section. The clock panel on the...
  • Page 22 41 electrolux how the air conditioner works how the air conditioner works electrolux 42 DRY operation SLEEP mode Press the sleep button to activate the The dry mode will automatically select sleep mode. To deactivate, press the the drying operation based on the...
  • Page 23: How To Use The Indoor Unit

    43 electrolux how the air conditioner works how to use the indoor unit electrolux 44 How to use the indoor unit seconds after, the adjusted temperature will be displayed. Adjusting air flow direction 5. The time of on and off in the air conditioner is has been set.
  • Page 24: Manual Operation

    45 electrolux how to use the indoor unit manual operation (without remote control) electrolux 46 Manual operation (without remote control) Manual operation can be used Press the SWING button on the remote temporarily in case you can not find controller.
  • Page 25 47 electrolux maintenance maintenance electrolux 48 Maintenance Filtro then dry. Soporte del marco Cleaning the indoor unit and remote refrescante 6. Clean the support frame using a controller de aire vacuum cleaner or water. After, dry for a couple of hours or until dry.
  • Page 26: Operation Tips

    49 electrolux operation tips operation tips electrolux 50 Operation tips The following events may occur during normal operation. A peculiar smell comes out from the indoor unit. This is caused by the indoor unit giving off smells permeated from building Protection of the air conditioner.
  • Page 27: Solutions For Problems

    51 electrolux solutions for problems technical specifications electrolux 52 Solutions for problems Technical specifications If your air conditioner malfunctions, check the following information to find COOL MODELS solutions or probable causes of the failure. Do not try to repair the unit by...
  • Page 28 53 electrolux technical specifications notes electrolux 54 NOTES HEAT & COOL MODELS EASC09P5ASK* EASC12P5ASK* EASC18P5ASK* EASC24P5ASK* OUTDOOR UNIT EASE09P5ASK* EASE12P5ASK* EASE18P5ASK* EASE24P5ASK* INDOOR UNIT W,S,M W,S,M W,S,M W,S,M *Color (W=White;S=Silver;M=Mirror) Heat & Cool Heat & Cool Heat & Cool Heat & Cool...