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How To Operate The Electric Oven; Operating Modes - Whirlpool ACM220 Instructions For Use Manual

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Table of Contents
How to operate the electric
Select temperature and operating
Thermostat knob
Function knob
1. Set the Temperature knob to the
desired temperature.
2. Set the Function knob to the desired
operating mode.
» Oven heats up to the adjusted
temperature and maintains it. During
heating, temperature lamp stays on.
Switching off the electric oven
Turn the function knob and
temperature knob to off (upper)

Operating modes

The order of operating modes shown
here may be different from the
arrangement on your product.
Top and bottom heating
Top and bottom heating are in
operation. Food is heated
simultaneously from the top
and bottom. For example, it is
suitable for cakes, pastries, or
cakes and casseroles in
baking moulds. Cook with one
tray only.
Top heating
Only top heating is in
operation. For example, it is
suitable for cakes with bright
surface and food which you
desire to have browned from
the top.
Bottom heating
Only bottom heating is in
operation. It is suitable for
pizza and for subsequent
browning of food from the
Full grill
Large grill at the ceiling of the
oven is in operation. It is
suitable for grilling large
amount of meat.
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Put big or medium-
sized portions in
correct rack position
under the grill heater
for grilling.
Set the temperature to
maximum level.
Turn the food after half
of the grilling time.


Table of Contents