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How To Use The Hob; General Information About Cooking; Using The Hobs - Whirlpool ACM220 Instructions For Use Manual

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How to use the hob

General information about
Risk of fire by overheated oil!
When you heat oil, do not leave it
Never try to extinguish the fire
with water! When oil has caught
fire, immediately cover the pot or
pan with a lid. Switch off the hob if
safe to do so and phone the fire
Before frying foods, always dry
them well and gently place into the
hot oil. Ensure complete thawing of
frozen foods before frying.
Do not cover the vessel you use
when heating oil.
Place the pans and saucepans in a
manner so that their handles are
not over the hob to prevent heating
of the handles. Do not place
unbalanced and easily tilting
vessels on the hob.
Do not place empty vessels and
saucepans on cooking zones that
are switched on. They might get
Operating a cooking zone without a
vessel or saucepan on it will cause
damage to the product. Turn off the
cooking zones after the cooking is
As the surface of the product can
be hot, do not put plastic and
aluminum vessels on it.
Such vessels should not be used
to keep foods either.
Use flat bottomed saucepans or
vessels only.
Put appropriate amount of food in
saucepans and pans. Thus, you
will not have to make any
unnecessary cleaning by
preventing the dishes from
Do not put covers of saucepans or
pans on cooking zones.
Place the saucepans in a manner
so that they are centered on the
cooking zone. When you want to
move the saucepan onto another
cooking zone, lift and place it onto
the cooking zone you want instead
of sliding it.

Using the hobs

Hotplate 14-16 cm
Hotplate 18-20 cm
Hotplate 14-16 cm
Hotplate 18-20 cm is list of advised
diameter of pots to be used on
related burners.
Using hotplates
Hob knobs can be turned in both
directions in a way that will provide
temperature control in steps.
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Table of Contents