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Safety For Children - Whirlpool ACM220 Instructions For Use Manual

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Do not operate the product if it is
defective or has any visible
Do not carry out any repairs or
modifications on the product.
However, you may remedy some
troubles that do not require any
repairs or modifications. See
Troubleshooting, page 25.
Never wash down the product with
water! There is the risk of electric
Never use the product when your
judgment or coordination is
impaired by the use of alcohol
and/or drugs.
Product must be disconnected
from the mains during installation,
maintenance, cleaning and repair
Be careful when using alcoholic
drinks in your dishes. Alcohol
evaporates at high temperatures
and may cause fire since it can
ignite when it comes into contact
with hot surfaces.
Do not heat closed tins and glass
jars in the oven. The pressure that
would build-up in the tin/jar may
cause it to burst.
Do not place any flammable
materials close to the product as
the sides may become hot during
Do not place baking trays, dishes
or aluminium foil directly onto the
bottom of the oven. The heat
accumulation might damage the
bottom of the oven.
Keep all ventilation slots clear of
Product may be hot when it is in
use. Never touch the hot burners,
inner sections of the oven, heaters
and etc.
Always use heat resistant oven
gloves when putting in or removing
dishes into/from the hot oven.
Do not use the product with front
door glass removed or cracked.
Rear surface of the oven gets hot
when it is in use. Make sure that
the gas/electrical connection does
not contact the rear surface;
otherwise, connections can get
Do not trap the mains cable
between the oven door and frame
and do not route it over hot
surfaces. Otherwise, cable
insulation may melt and cause fire
as a result of short circuit.
Make sure that the product function
knobs are switched off after every
The appliance is not intended to
be operated by means of an
external timer or seperate remote

Safety for children

Electrical and/or gas products are
dangerous to children. Keep
children away from the product
when it is operating and do not
allow them to play with the product.
Accessible parts of the appliance
will become hot whilst the
appliance is in use. Children
should be kept away until the
product has cooled down.
"CAUTION: Accessible parts may
be hot when the grill is in use.
Young children should be kept
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Table of Contents