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How To Operate The Oven; General Information On Baking, Roasting And Grilling - Whirlpool ACM220 Instructions For Use Manual

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How to operate the oven

General information on baking,
roasting and grilling
Risk of scalding by hot steam!
Take care when opening the oven
door as steam may escape.
Tips for baking
Use non-sticky coated appropriate
metal plates or aluminum vessels
or heat-resistant silicone molds.
Make best use of the space on the
Place the baking mold in the
middle of the shelf.
Select the correct rack position
before turning the oven or grill on.
Do not change the rack position
when the oven is hot.
Keep the oven door closed.
Tips for roasting
Treating whole chicken, turkey and
big-piece meats with dressings
such as lemon juice and black
pepper before cooking will increase
the cooking performance.
It lasts about 15 to 30 minutes
longer to roast the meat with bones
when compared to roasting the
same size of meat without bones.
Each centimeter of the meat
thickness requires approximately 4
to 5 minutes of cooking time.
Let meat rest in the oven for about
10 minutes after the cooking time
is over. The juice is better
distributed all over the roast and
does not run out when the meat is
Fish should be placed on the
middle or lower rack in a heat-
resistant plate.
Tips for grilling
When meat, fish and poultry are grilled,
they quickly get brown, have a nice
crust and do not get dry. Flat pieces,
meat skewers and sausages are
particularly suited for grilling as are
vegetables with high water content
such as tomatoes and onions.
Distribute the pieces to be grilled
on the wire shelf or in the baking
tray with wire shelf in such a way
that the space covered does not
exceed the size of the heater.
Slide the wire shelf or baking tray
with grill into the desired level in
the oven. If you are grilling on the
wire shelf, slide the baking tray to
the lower rack to collect fats. Add
some water in the tray for easy
Fire danger due to food which is
unsuitable for grilling!
Only use food for grilling which is
suitable for intensive grilling heat.
Do not place the food too far in the
back of the grill. This is the hottest
area and fat food may catch fire.
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Table of Contents