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Installation; Before Installation - Whirlpool ACM220 Instructions For Use Manual

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Product must be installed by a qualified
person in accordance with the
regulations in force. The manufacturer
shall not be held responsible for
damages arising from procedures
carried out by unauthorized persons
which may also void the warranty.
Preparation of location and
electrical and gas installation for
the product is under customer's
The product must be installed in
accordance with all local gas
and/or electrical regulations.
Prior to installation, visually
check if the product has any
defects on it. If so, do not have it
Damaged products cause risks for
your safety.

Before installation

To ensure that critical air gaps are
maintained under the appliance, we
recommend that this appliance is
mounted on a solid base and that the
feet do not sink into any carpet or soft
The kitchen floor must be able to carry
the weight of the appliance plus the
additional weight of cookware and
bakeware and food.
It can be used with cabinets on
either side but in order to have a
minimum distance of 400mm
above hotplate level allow a side
clearance of 65mm between the
appliance and any wall, partition or
tall cupboard.
It can also be used in a free
standing position. Allow a minimum
distance of 750 mm above the hob
(*) If a cooker hood is to be
installed above the cooker, refer to
cooker hood manufacturer'
instructions regarding installation
height (min 650 mm).
The appliance corresponds to
device class 1, i.e. it may be
placed with the rear and one side
to kitchen walls, kitchen furniture or
equipment of any size. The kitchen
furniture or equipment on the other
side may only be of the same size
or smaller.
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Table of Contents