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Maintenance And Care; General Information; Cleaning The Hob; Cleaning The Control Panel - Whirlpool ACM220 Instructions For Use Manual

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Maintenance and care

General information

Service life of the product will extend
and the possibility of problems will
decrease if the product is cleaned at
regular intervals.
Risk of electric shock!
Switch off the electricity before
cleaning appliance to avoid an
electric shock.
Hot surfaces may cause burns!
Allow the appliance to cool down
before you clean it.
Clean the product thoroughly after
each use. In this way it will be
possible to remove cooking
residues more easily, thus avoiding
these from burning the next time
the appliance is used.
No special cleaning agents are
required for cleaning the product.
Use warm water with washing
liquid, a soft cloth or sponge to
clean the product and wipe it with a
dry cloth.
Always ensure any excess liquid is
thoroughly wiped off after cleaning
and any spillage is immediately
wiped dry.
Do not use cleaning agents that
contain acid or chloride to clean
the stainless or inox surfaces and
the handle. Use a soft cloth with a
liquid detergent (not abrasive) to
wipe those parts clean, paying
attention to sweep in one direction.
The surface may get damaged by
some detergents or cleaning
Do not use aggressive detergents,
cleaning powder/cream or any
sharp objects.
Do not use steam cleaners for

Cleaning the hob

Electric hobs
1. Turn off the hotplates and wait until
they cool down.
2. If necessary, clean the plates with
a cleaning agent (you can obtain
cleaners/softeners from specialty
3. Warm only for a few minutes after
cleaning in order to have their top
section dried.
4. Apply a thin layer of machine oil
onto the top surface of the hob
regularly in order to protect it.

Cleaning the control panel

Clean the control panel and control
knobs with a damp cloth and wipe
them dry.
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Table of Contents