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Safety When Working With Electricity; Intended Use - Whirlpool ACM220 Instructions For Use Manual

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Do not place any items above the
appliance that children may reach
When the door is open, do not
load any heavy object on it and do
not allow children to sit on it. It
may overturn or door hinges may
get damaged.
The packaging materials will be
dangerous for children. Keep the
packaging materials away from
children. Please dispose of all
parts of the packaging according to
environmental standards.
Child lock
The cooker has child lock system on
the oven door.
To open the oven door, push to the
plastic button slightly down and pull the
door handle.
When close the door, child lock will be
locked itself.
Safety when working with
Defective electric equipment is one of
the major causes of house fires.
Any work on electrical equipment
and systems should only be carried
out by authorized and qualified
In case of any damage, switch off
the product and disconnect it from
the mains. To do this, turn off the
fuse at home.
Make sure that fuse rating is
compatible with the product.

Intended use

This product is designed for domestic
use. Commercial use will void the
"CAUTION: This appliance is for
cooking purposes only. It must not be
used for other purposes, for example
room heating."
This product should not be used for
warming the plates under the grill,
drying towels, dish cloths etc. by
hanging them on the oven door
handles. This product should also not
be used for room heating purposes.
The manufacturer shall not be liable for
any damage caused by improper use
or handling errors.
The oven can be used for defrosting,
baking, roasting and grilling food.
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Table of Contents