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Preparation Tips For Saving Energy; Initial Use; First Cleaning Of The Appliance; Initial Heating - Whirlpool ACM220 Instructions For Use Manual

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Table of Contents
Tips for saving energy
The following information will help you
to use your appliance in an ecological
way, and to save energy:
Use dark coloured or enamel
coated cookware in the oven since
the heat transmission will be better.
While cooking your dishes, perform
a preheating operation if it is
advised in the user manual or
cooking instructions.
Do not open the door of the oven
frequently during cooking.
Try to cook more than one dish in
the oven at the same time
whenever possible. You can cook
by placing two cooking vessels
onto the wire shelf.
Cook more than one dish one after
another. The oven will already be
You can save energy by switching
off your oven a few minutes before
the end of the cooking time. Do not
open the oven door.
Defrost frozen dishes before
cooking them.
Use pots/pans with cover for
cooking. If there is no cover,
energy consumption may increase
4 times.
Select the burner which is suitable
for the bottom size of the pot to be
used. Always select the correct pot
size for your dishes. Larger pots
require more energy.
Pay attention to use flat bottom
pots when cooking with electric
Pots with thick bottom will provide
a better heat conduction. You can
obtain energy savings up to 1/3.
Vessels and pots must be
compatible with the hotplates.
Bottom of the vessels or pots must
not be smaller than the hotplate.
Keep the hotplates and bottom of
the pots clean. Dirt will decrease
the heat conduction between the
hotplate and bottom of the pot.
For long cookings, turn off the
hotplate 5 or 10 minutes before the
end of cooking time. You can
obtain energy savings up to 20%
by using the residual heat.

Initial use

First cleaning of the appliance

The surface may get damaged by
some detergents or cleaning
Do not use aggressive detergents,
cleaning powder/cream or any
sharp objects.
1. Remove all packaging materials.
2. Wipe the surfaces of the appliance
with a damp cloth or sponge and
dry with a cloth.

Initial heating

Heat up the product for about 30
minutes and then switch it off. Thus,
any production residues or layers will
be burnt off and removed.
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Table of Contents